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Seismic Activity In US Could Be A Precursor To Something Big
Posted By : Michael Snyder – April 1st, 2014
This article has been generously contributed by Michael Snyder. You can follow his regular writings, research and analysis at The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream. Read his recent book The Beginning of the End to get an idea of what America may look like in the very near future. Why are fault lines and volcanoes all over North and South America suddenly waking up?  Are we…
Agenda 21 Destroying Detroit, Your City Is Next
Posted By : Dave Hodges – March 24th, 2014
The globalists murdered Detroit through the various free trade agreements consisting of NAFTA, GATT, and CAFTA. And now, their Agenda 21 minions are coming for your water, your homes and your children.  There are several parts to this story. First, there is the human interest story of corrupt city forces who are abusing people from a bankrupt city who are down on their luck and are reveling…
Obama Can Now Seize Everything You Got
Posted By : Mac Slavo – March 20th, 2014
On Monday the U.S. government took steps to seize the US-based assets of Russian lawmakers and anyone else that the US government deemed complicit in supporting the Crimean secession movement. We’ve seen the U.S. government do this in countless cases surrounding drug and financial crimes, and sometimes even against foreign leaders like Saddam Hussein and Manuel Noriega. What makes this…
Could Only 9 Substations Bring Down America’s Power Grid?
Posted By : Michael Snydey – March 19th, 2014
What would you do if the Internet or the power grid went down for over a year?  Our key infrastructure, including the Internet and the power grid, is far more vulnerable than most people would dare to imagine.  These days, most people simply take for granted that the lights will always be on and that the Internet will always function properly.  But what if all that changed someday in the…
Ukraine And Syria, Tipping Points For World War 3
Posted By : Dave Hodges – March 18th, 2014
Why has Russia agreed to a cease fire until March 21st, just three days from now? Why has Putin been so audacious as to threaten to turn the United States into radioactive ash? The latter fact was reported by Dmitri Kiselyov, a television news broadcaster on state-owned station Russia One television. This can only be considered a direct warning, or threat, by Russia to the US. I have firsthand…
Malaysian Airlines Highjacked? Alex Jones Weighs In
Posted By : Alex Jones – March 17th, 2014
What The Main Stream Media Finds Important In Todays News
Posted By : D. Wells – March 13th, 2014
The politics of war, Wall Street and Big Pharma all spill over into Big Food, so it’s time to talk about it and point out why it’s so important to understand politics in order to avoid politics. You have complete control over your choices as a consumer, and believe it or not, this can affect Big Food and Big Pharma in the long run. How will you step up your “game” and…
So What Will Be Used To Bring In Martial Law In America?
Posted By : Dave Hodges – March 12th, 2014
Before World War III can be fought over Ukraine, Syria and Iran, the people must be brought to their knees because no rational person would participate in the coming world war. As I have pointed out in the three previous parts of this series, the specter of World War III is well within sight. The sides are drawn and the relative strengths of each side are established. Each side is jockeying…
DHS Is Obama’s Domestic Military Force
Posted By : Ken Jorgustin – March 11th, 2014
The report has been contributed by Ken Jorgustin of Modern Survival Blog During the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, the U.S. Army built 28,000 MRAPs (Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected Trucks). Now the U.S. Army has announced that it is giving 13,000 of them away, for free. Who’s receiving the trucks? Homeland Security and U.S. Law Enforcement. Instead of mothballing these MRAPs, Homeland…
Is There A Huge Global Banker Conspiracy Afoot?
Posted By : Mac Slavo – March 10th, 2014
Former Senior Counselor at the World Bank Karen Hudes has spent the last several years of her life working closely with whistle blowers from around the world to shed light on what she calls a “global conspiracy.” While working for the World Bank as a member of their legal team Hudes uncovered so much corruption that she could no longer keep quiet. She followed the proper channels to report…
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