Memo Exposing FBI Corruption Hated By Traitor John Mccain

Posted By : Alex Jones – February 5, 2018

With today’s release of the so-called FISA memo, many within the government and media have been quick to attack not only the contents of said memo but also the very…more

KGB Style Operation To Bring Down America Exposed, Perpetrated By Obama FBI Goons

Posted By : J. D. Heyes Heyes – December 15, 2017

(Natural News) Over the summer we began to hear reports of anti-Trump malfeasance involving agents and officials with the FBI and Department of Justice, the agency to which the FBI…more

Articles Of Impeachment Introduced Against Trump

Posted By : Mac Slavo – November 16, 2017

Democrats holding political offices have been threatening to impeach Donald Trump since he was elected a year ago.  Now, they have finally officially introduced articles of impeachment against the president. Several…more

The Shadow Government Controls The Deep State And Our Government Officials

Posted By : Aaron Kesel – September 18, 2017

The following article was originally published by Aaron Kesel of Activist Post High Ranking CIA Agent Blows Whistle On The Deep State And Shadow Government by Aaron Kesel A CIA whistleblower, Kevin Shipp,…more

Is It Time To Start Withdrawing Your Money From The Bank?

Posted By : Dave Hodges – August 4, 2017

It is getting nearly impossible to get your money out of the bank. Look at what one of my readers sent me via email on August 2, 2017. It is…more

Hillary Clinton And Robert Mueller Both Sold Uranium To Russia Reports Show

Posted By : Dave Hodges – August 1, 2017

WikiLeaks Implicates Mueller in the sale of Highly Enriched uranium at the behest of then Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton   Perhaps if Robert Mueller, Special Counsel, wants to investigate…more

Deep State Trying To Tear Up Constitution As Economy Nears Collapse

Posted By : Mac Slavo – July 26, 2017

  When it comes to state of our economy and the corruption of our government, most of us are on the outside looking in. We see the results of our…more

Another One Added To The Clinton Body Count

Posted By : Dave Hodges – July 16, 2017

The people of Haiti have been victimized. And just when the two people, Bill and Hillary Clinton were ready to be fingered in Haiti’s official judicial circles, as well as…more

Seth Rich Had DNC Emails On Laptop According To FBI Memo

Posted By : Mac Slavo – May 30, 2017

Murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich has long been suspected of being the source who leaked thousands of Democratic National Committee emails to online whistleblower organization Wikileaks. Even Wikileaks founder Julian Assange alluded…more

Seth Rich, Just Another In A Long Line Of Those Murdered

Posted By : Dave Hodges – May 18, 2017

With the election of Donald Trump, a huge roadblock was thrown into the plans of the globalists with regard to their completion timetable with regard to the takedown of the…more