Geoengineering Now Openly Advocated By Radical Harvard Scientists

Posted By : Vicki Batts – May 5, 2017

It seems that proponents of geoengineering are realizing that they can’t hide their sinister plans behind the mask of “conspiracy theories” forever, and are now opting to try to persuade…more

North Korean Nukes Sites May Be Targeted By Special Forces Teams

Posted By : Mac Slavo – May 4, 2017

With China issuing a final warning to North Korea earlier today, and U.S. President Donald Trump keeping all options on the table as he prepares a response to continued North…more

The Coming Mark Of The Beast

Posted By : Dave Hodges – May 3, 2017

Recently, I concluded and wrote about in a previous article, that the present conflict with North Korea, Syria and ultimately Iran has everything thing to do with the final push…more

Ancient Carving Depicts Devastation 13,000 Years Ago By Comet

Posted By : Daniel Lang – May 2, 2017

Researchers from Edinburgh University made startling discovery last week. They’ve found evidence of a massive comet strike that may have devastated the Earth nearly 13,000 years ago, and sparked the…more

NSA Using Blimps To Spy On You

Posted By : Daniel Lang – April 27, 2017

Most of us think of blimps as an antiquated technology. On the rare occasion that we see one, we assume that we’re probably going to see an ad on the…more

War With North Korea? Trump Will Hold Meeting With Senate Over Situation

Posted By : Mac Slavo – April 26, 2017

With a U.S. Naval Fleet set to fully arrive off the North Korean coast this week and the rogue state’s leader Kim Jong Un reportedly continuing to expand his nuclear…more

A Failed Future Is Ahead For Our Children

Posted By : Dave Hodges – April 25, 2017

America has been dumped in a pit of poisonous snakes. The main question remains, which one of these snakes will deliver the fatal strike? And for most of our young…more

North Korea Now Warning China Over Siding With US

Posted By : Tyler Durden – April 24, 2017

Having repeatedly threatened the annihilation of its neightbor to the south, and most recently warning of a “super-mighty preemptive strike” against the US, one day after it emerged that Pyongyang…more

3 Possible Deadman Switches By North Korea

Posted By : Dave Hodges – April 21, 2017

to protect the grid from an EMP attack? North Korea has the ability to bring down holy hell on our country. There is no question that NK can be destroyed…more

UN Build Up On U.S. Soil – Gun Confiscation Next?

Posted By : Dave Hodges – April 20, 2017

The Gun Ban Treaty took effect on December 24, 2014 I wrote the following in 2014: I WANT TO BE CRYSTAL CLEAR. WHEN THE UN ASSUMES CONTROL OF THE EMERGING…more