Insider Reveals Bio Weapons Could Kill Hundreds Of Millions

Posted By : Joshua Krause – February 24, 2017

Love him or hate him, there’s definitely one thing that you cannot deny about Bill Gates. He’s a guy who is in the know. Since he made his billions, he…more

Radioactive Iodine Detected Across Europe, Reasons Unknown

Posted By : Mike Adams – February 23, 2017

Mysterious plumes of radioactive iodine-131, the same nuclear isotope seen during the Fukushima disaster, have suddenly started appearing all over Europe. And according to reports, nobody seems to know where…more

Russian UN Ambassador Dies In New York Unexpectedly

Posted By : Mac Slavo – February 22, 2017

In a world where nothing is coincidence… Yet another Russian diplomat has died unexpectedly at a time when tensions between East and West are great, and when there is a…more

Is Obama Planning A Coup?

Posted By : Dave Hodges – February 21, 2017

Is Obama Preparing to Lead a Coup Against President Trump? Why Does He Have a Private Army Consisting of Thousands? Why IS He Only a Short Way From the White…more

Control And Complete Enslavement Of All Man Kind

Posted By : Jeremiah Johnson – February 20, 2017

In past articles the fact of a long struggle was mentioned and how it ties in with the current first year of the President’s administration.  The struggle is not merely…more

Shadow Government Taking Out Trump’s Lieutenants

Posted By : Mac Slavo – February 17, 2017

Do you see the writing on the wall? Do you see what is happening here? If there was any doubt that the Trump era will eventually unfold into either a)…more

Colleges Now Offering Anti Trump Resistance Training

Posted By : J. D. Heyes Heyes – February 16, 2017

Since the political Left rose to power and fame on American college campuses in the 1960s, it has been using our institutions of higher learning to sort of rage against…more

Secret Space Programs And Breakaway Civilizations

Posted By : The Phaser – February 15, 2017

from GCN, via Global Explorers; Joseph P Farrell investigates Breakaway Civilizations and Secret Space Programs VIDEO: NOTE: Jump to 14:30 for J.P. Farrell… Joseph Farrell investigates the secret space programmes currently…more

Evacuations Begin – Oroville Dam Close To Collapse

Posted By : Dave Hodges – February 14, 2017

I have received some incredibly ignorant emails regarding the condition of the Oroville Dam.  One email said the government has nothing to worry about and they have “fixed” the problem.…more

Could Martial Law and Civil War Be Planned?

Posted By : Monroe Wolf – February 13, 2017

I recently watched a video on this very subject.  It seems as though Martial law could be right around the corner but you would never hear about it in the…more