Is Donald Trump Preparing For Civil War?

Posted By : Dave Hodges – December 19, 2016

  “What we used to talk about that is coming, is no longer coming, it is already here” Steve Quayle About nine months ago, Steve Quayle, on my radio show,…more

January 20th, 2017…The Next Civil War?

Posted By : Mike Adams – December 16, 2016

The anti-American, communist-leaning website is openly organizing a popular uprising against the legitimate new administration of the United States of America. January 20, 2017 — Inauguration Day — is…more

Could TPTB Actually Take Trump Out?

Posted By : Dave Hodges – December 15, 2016

I have delayed writing this article for the past four days. It is not that I don’t believe in the analysis that I am going to offer in this article,…more

Could We Be In For A Financial Shock In Early 2017? We Bots Think So

Posted By : Mac Slavo – December 14, 2016

There are scores of organizations working on ways to interpret user data on the internet to help predict future events. Law enforcement agencies and financial institutions having been working on this…more

Countering Information Warfare Act? What You Need To Know

Posted By : Tyler Durden – December 13, 2016

Senate Quietly Passes The “Countering Disinformation And Propaganda Act” by Tyler Durden While we wait to see if and when the Senate will pass (and president will sign) Bill  “H.R.…more

CIA Rogue Force Calls For 2nd Election

Posted By : Monroe Wolf – December 12, 2016

Does it surprise anyone that TPTB(the powers that be) are going to any means necessary to make sure Trump does not take office?  Now, the CIA, or a rogue counterpart…more

Silver Market Being Rigged, Worse Than Previously Thought

Posted By : Tyler Durden – December 9, 2016

Back in April, when we first reported that Deutsche Bank had agreed to settle allegations it had rigged the silver market in exchange for $38 million, we revealed something stunning:…more

HR 6393…You Are Now A Terrorist

Posted By : Monroe Wolf – December 8, 2016

So now it seems we, Alternative Media, can be charged with being a terrorist thanks to HR 6393.  I mean, I guess freedom of speech means nothing these days, unless…more

Cash, Cars, Literature, Alternative News, All Targeted For Elimination

Posted By : Mike Adams – December 7, 2016

As witnessed recently by the Washington Post’s horrifyingly dishonest “journalism” naming 200 independent media websites as pawns of Russian President Vladimir Putin, the dying establishment media is desperately trying to…more

Mysterious “Thunderstorm Asthma” Or Covert Depopulation

Posted By : Mac Slavo – December 6, 2016

The mystery deepens. A week or so ago, conspiracy theorists were scratching their heads as to why more than 8500 people in Australia would suddenly have to a hospitalized in…more