17,000 Tons Of Food Grown With Solar Panel Farm…Without Soil

Posted By : J. D. Heyes Heyes – December 1, 2016

A new agricultural technique may have just solved the problem of growing food in some of the world's most inhospitable places – locations that don't currently support traditional agriculture. In…more

If Election Stolen, Civil Unrest Could Be Next

Posted By : Dave Hodges – November 30, 2016

Who are the massive amounts of DHS acquired bullets for? The democrats are bolstering their enforcement mechanisms. They are preparing for war against the American people. The Democratically controlled DHS…more

Trump Sets The Stage For Any Further Recount Drama

Posted By : Tyler Durden – November 29, 2016

This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge. Editor’s Comment by Mac Slavo: It is hanging chads all over again… well, really, nobody knows exactly…more

Hillary Clinton And Jill Stein In Bed Together To Steal Election

Posted By : Dave Hodges – November 28, 2016

Every MSM outlet vilified Donald Trump when he would not commit to accepting the election results which were clouded by the use of George Soros’ voting machines. The cries against…more

Pizzagate…What Everyone Should Know

Posted By : SGT Report – November 26, 2016

This article/video was originally published at SGTReport.com. Editor’s Comment: The evidence is now overwhelming – whatever the full truth of the matter, something is very, very suspicious about the “pizza…more

Black Friday Zombies Line Up

Posted By : Beyondthehaze – November 25, 2016

Great and comical video below of just how out of touch we are in america, choosing 'things' over family and friends.  The black Friday zombies below find it comical as…more

The Deep Secret USG War To Hijack Your Mind

Posted By : Preston James PHD James – November 24, 2016

The current state of mind-kontrol is probably far beyond anything you ever imagined possible by  Preston James Note: This article is written for professional Intel and those who understand the…more

Clinical Proof Of Cancer Being Cured By Marijuana

Posted By : Dave Hodges – November 22, 2016

A Special Report from Katy Whelan, former CSS Health Reporter, Prepared for The Common Sense Show This is the best researched article on the topic of medical marijuana. Government has…more

Secret Spy Plane Conducting Command And Control Drills Over US

Posted By : Mac Slavo – November 21, 2016

It seems that the U.S. military is geared up for a permanent cyber war with the people and various governments of this globe. Though tensions with Russia may have been…more

“Fake News” Sites Are Being Shut Down By Gov. And Special Interests

Posted By : Mac Slavo – November 18, 2016

This election proved the power of the Internet, and of the people who used their voices to the fullest. But now, they will pay for it. Will it mean the…more