A Peek At The Elites Bunkers That You Can’t Enter

Posted By : Mac Slavo – June 29, 2017

A bunker built inside a hollowed-out mountain in Colorado is only one of many secret shelters where 7,000 Americans will go to hide out from devastating nuclear annihilation. But don’t…more

Were Aliens Involved In The 9/11 Attack?

Posted By : Preston James PHD James – June 28, 2017

Were the Twin Trade Towers turned to dust by super high-tech Alien ET technology? by Preston James [ Editor’s note: For advertisement-free reading, read this article on NTELVETS, http://ntelvets.com/were-ets-involved-in-911/ ] Was the…more

Secret Branch Of The Military Being Formed

Posted By : Dave Hodges – June 27, 2017

Key members of Congress are behind the intent to create a new branch of the military. This is something that has not been done since after Roswell in 1947, when…more

Is The Government Using Psychotronics To Control Us?

Posted By : Preston James PHD James – June 26, 2017

Right now there is a shift being deployed from the usual mind-kontrol of the masses by TV News and Hollywoodism to government by the covert application of pure psychotronics by…more

To Enslave Or Kill Us All: The Governments Possible Final Objectives For Us

Posted By : Jeremiah Johnson – June 24, 2017

In the world situation, we are all aware of the “hot spots,” such as North Korea, Syria, and Ukraine that could escalate into a full-blown regional war and then expand…more

FEMA Is Preparing For A Possible Grid Destroying Storm

Posted By : Mac Slavo – June 23, 2017

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Administration) is planning for a massive solar storm that would be so strong, it would take down the power grid. Noting that the rare, yet “high-consequence”…more

Could A North Korean EMP Threat Be Eminent?

Posted By : Mac Slavo – June 20, 2017

If you asked the average person about what threat North Korea poses to the United States, they’ll probably respond with a blank stare. The few who happen to pay attention…more

Is The San Andreas Poised For Another Big One?

Posted By : Mac Slavo – June 19, 2017

Many experts are now warning that the San Andreas fault in California is now ripe for a major earthquake.  Not only that, but should it occur, another earthquake could strike…more

What Secret Weapons Do The North Koreans Have?

Posted By : Dave Hodges – June 12, 2017

An attack upon North Korea is imminent. As I noted this past weekend, all the pieces are in place. But perhaps, we might want to be a little less aggressive…more

Is A Hillary Conviction Being Offered Up Between Deep State And Trump?

Posted By : Dave Hodges – June 10, 2017

They say that little things come in small packages. This will be one of the most concise and condensed articles that I have ever written. However, it may prove to…more