EMP Blast Caused By Nuke Over US…Possibilities?

Posted By : Dan Koenig – January 19, 2017

Possible Causes - for an EMP. A direct attack from a nation and/or terrorist group using one or more nuclear weapons exploded at very high altitude over the United States…more

Lid Blown Off Deep Corruption At CDC

Posted By : Jon Rapaport – January 18, 2017

There is a group of anonymous scientists at the US Centers for Disease Control—they call themselves the Spider Group—Scientists Preserving Integrity, Diligence and Ethics in Research. They have penned a…more

Weapons Cache Found In DC Days Before Trump Inauguration

Posted By : Piper McGowan – January 17, 2017

That’s Strange: Weapons Caches Found Stashed in DC Days Before Inauguration by Piper McGowan Some lady out for a walk happened upon a couple of guns stashed in a violin…more

10 Ingredients McDonald’s Doesn’t Want You To Know About

Posted By : Mike Adams – January 16, 2017

There’s no doubt that most hard-working Americans like their fast food. Even though they know the bare facts – fast food is high in fat, sodium and sugar and can…more

White House Develops Plan For Catastrophic Meteor Impact

Posted By : Michael Snyder – January 13, 2017

Why Has The White House Suddenly Released A Strategy For Dealing With The Threat Of A Catastrophic Meteor Impact? by Michael Snyder Does the White House know something that the…more

The Globalist’s Plan To Kill 80% Of The World’s Population

Posted By : Amy S – January 12, 2017

Their Plan To Exterminate 80% Of The World’s Population The globalists have been working toward their goals for decades and what they want is nothing less than the complete subjugation…more

The End Game Is Near According To Paul Martin

Posted By : Dave Hodges – January 11, 2017

  I recently interviewed Paul Martin with regard to yet another report of large scale foreign troop movements in Colorado. Literally, dozens of people have contacted on the same issue.…more

What Really Happened To Adolf Hitler And The 3rd Reich?

Posted By : Preston James PHD James – January 10, 2017

Did Hitler Escape Germany and is the New FOURTH REICH Alive and Well? Greg Hallett Over the years, I have come into contact with numerous very interesting individuals in my…more

Homeland Security To Take Over US Elections…Coup In The Making?

Posted By : Jon Rapaport – January 9, 2017

This article was written by Jon Rappoport and originally published at No More Fake News.   This is a coup: the Homeland Security takeover of US elections On a scale…more

US Troops Are Now Being Sent To Russian Border

Posted By : Monroe Wolf – January 6, 2017

  Lithuania has confirmed the presence of U.S. special forces inside its territory, stating the deployment’s purpose is to train local forces and act as a deterrent against Russian aggression. Supposedly,…more