To Enslave Or Kill Us All: The Governments Possible Final Objectives For Us

Posted By : Jeremiah Johnson – June 24, 2017

In the world situation, we are all aware of the “hot spots,” such as North Korea, Syria, and Ukraine that could escalate into a full-blown regional war and then expand…more

FEMA Is Preparing For A Possible Grid Destroying Storm

Posted By : Mac Slavo – June 23, 2017

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Administration) is planning for a massive solar storm that would be so strong, it would take down the power grid. Noting that the rare, yet “high-consequence”…more

Could A North Korean EMP Threat Be Eminent?

Posted By : Mac Slavo – June 20, 2017

If you asked the average person about what threat North Korea poses to the United States, they’ll probably respond with a blank stare. The few who happen to pay attention…more

Is The San Andreas Poised For Another Big One?

Posted By : Mac Slavo – June 19, 2017

Many experts are now warning that the San Andreas fault in California is now ripe for a major earthquake.  Not only that, but should it occur, another earthquake could strike…more

What Secret Weapons Do The North Koreans Have?

Posted By : Dave Hodges – June 12, 2017

An attack upon North Korea is imminent. As I noted this past weekend, all the pieces are in place. But perhaps, we might want to be a little less aggressive…more

Is A Hillary Conviction Being Offered Up Between Deep State And Trump?

Posted By : Dave Hodges – June 10, 2017

They say that little things come in small packages. This will be one of the most concise and condensed articles that I have ever written. However, it may prove to…more

Soccer Fan Fights London Attacking Coward Terrorists

Posted By : Mac Slavo – June 8, 2017

A Soccer fan in England is being heaped with praise on social media, and has been dubbed “the Lion of London Bridge,” for standing up to the knife wielding terrorists…more

Chances Are High Is About To Start With North Korea, Sources Tell

Posted By : Jeremiah Johnson – June 6, 2017

As of this writing, a final carrier group is heading toward North Korea and the immediate vicinity. When you have three carrier groups sitting off the shores of a nation…more

The Deep State Plans To Take Your Guns And Put You In A FEMA Camp

Posted By : Dave Hodges – June 1, 2017

Will You Have to Cross This Line to Obtain Food and Water? Re-Education Camps This is a series dedicated to the implications of the Deep State extinguishing our Constitutionally elected…more

Lawmaker Says Russia Willing To Use Nukes To Protect Crimea

Posted By : Mac Slavo – May 31, 2017

As of late, the media has forgotten about tensions between Ukraine, NATO, and Russia. Crimea and the conflict in Eastern Ukraine have largely left the public’s awareness. However, that shouldn’t…more