Seth Rich Had DNC Emails On Laptop According To FBI Memo

Posted By : Mac Slavo – May 30, 2017

Murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich has long been suspected of being the source who leaked thousands of Democratic National Committee emails to online whistleblower organization Wikileaks. Even Wikileaks founder Julian Assange alluded…more

Is A Cosmic Shift To Fascism Coming? (Part 3)

Posted By : Preston James PHD James – May 28, 2017

As the certainty of Alien ETs and their crashed, recovered and back-engineered anti-gravity interstellar craft is revealed, attention will shift to the Cosmos, followed quickly by the emergence of a…more

Is A Cosmic Shift To Fascism Coming? (Part 2)

Posted By : Preston James PHD James – May 27, 2017

The Assassination of JFK in broad daylight triggered the emergence of Super fascism in America. Super Fascism has facilitated the emergence of a Secret Shadow Government (SSG) which in turn…more

Is A Cosmic Shift To Fascism Coming? (Part 1)

Posted By : Preston James PHD James – May 26, 2017

As the people of Planet Earth learn that Alien ETs are real and that there is an ongoing Secret Space War, a whole new form of fascist world government is…more

CNN Tries To Frame “Right-Wingers” For Manchester Bombing

Posted By : Mac Slavo – May 25, 2017

Whenever there is a mass killing of any kind in Europe, every reasonable person jumps to the same conclusion every time. They assume that the attack was committed by a…more

Are We In For Violence In The Summer Of 2017?

Posted By : Dave Hodges – May 24, 2017

America is on the precipice of unparalleled violence. The “loony left”, acting on behalf of the Deep State, will make America ungovernable and will descend into a state of anarchy…more

New WiFi Tech Has X-Ray Vision

Posted By : Mac Slavo – May 23, 2017

Most of us don’t pay much attention to the WiFi routers in our homes. It’s an innocuous technology that we all take for granted, and we don’t really think about…more

Complete Panic At Highest Levels Over Seth Rich Murder

Posted By : Tyler Durden – May 22, 2017

Last week, Fox News dropped a bombshell report officially confirming, via anonymous FBI sources, what many had suspected for quite some time, that murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich was the…more

Seth Rich, Just Another In A Long Line Of Those Murdered

Posted By : Dave Hodges – May 18, 2017

With the election of Donald Trump, a huge roadblock was thrown into the plans of the globalists with regard to their completion timetable with regard to the takedown of the…more

Huge News Stories The MSM Doesn’t Want You To Know

Posted By : Preston James PHD James – May 17, 2017

If you watch the evening national network news and expect to get the truth about any major event there, you are sadly mistaken and actually wasting your time. All you…more