Another One Added To The Clinton Body Count

Posted By : Dave Hodges – July 16, 2017

The people of Haiti have been victimized. And just when the two people, Bill and Hillary Clinton were ready to be fingered in Haiti’s official judicial circles, as well as…more

Nuclear Strike On United States Could Be Soon Per Retired Green Beret

Posted By : Jeremiah Johnson – July 13, 2017

For approximately the past five years, the Mainstream Media (MSM) and the Obama-administration supported research “think-tanks” for monitoring the North Korean situation have had a field day.  They consistently (along…more

The Deep State Ruling Cabal Completely Exposed

Posted By : Preston James PHD James – July 12, 2017

Thanks to the Internet, the World's New Gutenberg Press, the Ruling Cabal has now been completely exposed to a select population of Internet users who are aggressive truth-seekers. by  Preston…more

A Dozen Power Plants Breached In May By Hackers

Posted By : Mac Slavo – July 11, 2017

It may only be a matter of time before the power grid in the United States, which is far more vulnerable to hacking than most people realize, suffers from a catastrophic cyber…more

Reasons Behind The Federal Governments Land Grabs

Posted By : Mac Slavo – July 10, 2017

Not many Americans realize just how much land the federal government claims to have ownership of.  In the United States, the federal government has been systematically taking over the west,…more

Are School Systems A Secret Intel Hotbed For Mind-Control?

Posted By : Preston James PHD James – July 6, 2017

Have large American public school systems become a secret Intel hotbed for mind-control of students and taxpayer asset-stripping? by Preston James * A mind is a terrible thing to waste…more

China Begins To Warn About North Korea’s ICBM Capabilities

Posted By : Mac Slavo – July 5, 2017

(Pictured: North Korean “Suicide Bombers” Carry What Are Reported To Be Nuclear Suitcase Bombs) While the world watches in jest as  Japanese residents prepare for the possibility of a confrontation with…more

You Are Their #1 Target And Their Tightening The Screws

Posted By : Jeremiah Johnson – July 3, 2017

A little more than a week ago it was announced that Whole Foods was bought by for just under $14 billion.  One of the major problems with this is…more

A Peek At The Elites Bunkers That You Can’t Enter

Posted By : Mac Slavo – June 29, 2017

A bunker built inside a hollowed-out mountain in Colorado is only one of many secret shelters where 7,000 Americans will go to hide out from devastating nuclear annihilation. But don’t…more

Were Aliens Involved In The 9/11 Attack?

Posted By : Preston James PHD James – June 28, 2017

Were the Twin Trade Towers turned to dust by super high-tech Alien ET technology? by Preston James [ Editor’s note: For advertisement-free reading, read this article on NTELVETS, ] Was the…more